Local and International Platinum (White Gold), Gold and Silver Rates in England.

Find Gold price in any currency for gram, ounce, tola, masha and ratti.

* This price deduced from Internationl Currency Exchange. Your Country local price may or may not differ.

GBP - British Pound

Country : England
Region : Europe
Sub-Unit : Penny
Symbol : £

Description Here

Gold.rates.com.pk is all about gold and silver rates. You can also view the smaller units like tola, masha etc in major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and all other cities. It also provides the forex rates for USD (United States dollar), AED (UAE Dirham), GBP (Great Britain pound), SAR (Saudi Arab Riyal) and JPY (Japanese Yen) and other currencies in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Oceania, Middle East and Africa. On forex rate page you can also view the graphical representation of rise and fall in the prices. You can also view the thumbnails of the daily exchange rates of the currency you want to know the price of. On it you can also be able to view the daily gold and silver rates along with the price in their smaller units. You can also see the rise and fall in the price of gold, platinum gold and silver in international market through graphical representation.

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1 Gram Gold = GBP 31.91
10 Grams Gold = GBP 319.11
1 Ounce Gold = GBP 904.66
1 Tola Gold= GBP 372.20
1 Masha Gold= GBP 31.02
1 Ratti Gold= GBP 3.87

1 Tola Gold = 372.20 GBP

Gold Rates : Mon 22 Jul 2024 13:15:17
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Today Platinum (White Gold), Sliver and Gold rates in GBP - British Pound

1 Gram Platinum= 23.20 GBP
10 Grams Platinum= 231.97 GBP
1 Ounce Platinum = 657.64 GBP
1 Tola Platinum = 270.57 GBP
1 Masha Platinum = 22.55 GBP
1 Ratti Platinum = 2.81 GBP

1 Gram Gold= 31.91 GBP
10 Grams Gold= 319.11 GBP
1 Ounce Gold = 904.66 GBP
1 Tola Gold = 372.20 GBP
1 Masha Gold = 31.02 GBP
1 Ratti Gold = 3.87 GBP

1 Gram Silver= 0.40 GBP
10 Grams Silver= 4.03 GBP
1 Ounce Silver = 11.44 GBP
1 Tola Silver = 4.71 GBP
1 Masha Silver = 0.39 GBP
1 Ratti Silver = 0.05 GBP

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